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Winners of 2012

Gold Award
Topic:On the Asymptotic Properties of the Analytical Solutions to Two Functional Equations
Members: Chengyang Shao
Teacher: Lijun Yang
School:The High School Attached to Tsinghua University

Silver Award
Topic:A Diophantine problem from mathematical physics
Members: Zhi Ren,Dongchen Yang
Teacher:Lijiong Si
School: Hangzhou NO.2 High school of Zhejiang Province

Brozen Award
(1)Topic:On a class of Discrete Maximum Value Problem
Members: Yusheng Cai, Haizhou Zhao
Teacher:Chuanpeng Zhang
School: Hangzhou Foreign Language Schoo

(2)Topic:New Study on Identities Involving Euler Numbers and Bernoulli Numbers
Members: Ruibo Wei, Anjun Chu
Teacher:Junjie Zhang
School:Guangdong Experimental High School

(3)Topic:The Structure and Topological Properties of M?bius Strip Dissection
Members: Runzhu Fan, Xiang Li
Teacher: Suihai Luo
School:?The Affiliated High School of South China Normal University

Honorable Mentioned
(1)Topic:Maximum of Summations of Numbers of Minesweeping Games
Members: Yishen Zhang
Teacher: Dianjun Wang
School: The High School Attached to Tsinghua University

(2)Topic:The Relation between Difference Equation and Differential Equation
Members: Boxuan Chen
Teacher: Guoshuang Pan
School: ?Beijing National Day School

(3)Topic:n-linear Coordinate System and Its Applications
Members: Xinhang Yu
Teacher: Xinghuai Li
School: The Affiliated High School of South China Normal University



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