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Winners of 2011

Gold Award
Topic:Shock Profile For Gas Dynamics in Theemal Nonequilibrium
Members: Xie Wang
Teacher: Luo Tao
School:Sidwell Friends Upper School, US

Silver Award
Members: Zhuodong He
Teacher: ?Chengyu Zhang
School: Shenzhen Middle School

Brozen Award
(1)Topic: The relationship of the slope to the cutting line of the cubic function
Members:Wenyuan Zeng
Teacher: Guoshuang Pan
School: Beijing National Day’s Schooll

(2)Topic: Strengthening proof of Bezout theorem
Members: Yukun Ding
Teacher: Wenhai Sun
School:Hefei No.168 Middle School

Honorable Mentioned
(1)Topic:Two Proofs of Euler-Maclaurin Formula,Its Generalizations and Applications
Members: Yanjie Jing
Teacher: ?Hongliang Shi
School: No.2 High School Attached to East China Normal University

(2)Topic:Curve Unfolding
Members: Han Wang, Chen Song, Jing Zi Liu
Teacher: Xin De Li
School: Experimental Middle School of Henan Province

(3)Topic:Generalizations on the Classical Problem 'Mice and the Poison'
Members: Tianyi Bai, Sitao Xiang
Teacher: Lei Zhang
School: Northeast Yucai School

(4)Topic:Gernaralization of the Topological Sum
Members: Ming Chen Xia
Teacher: Ji Hong Zhang
School: Anshan No.1 Middle School

(5)Topic: The Modular Chromatic Number of Trees
Members: Jia-Lin Wang, Jie-Ying Yuan
Teacher: Weidong Guo
School:Guangdong Experimental High School


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