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Winners of 2008

Gold Award
Topic: A research on the minimum prime quadratic residue modulo a prime
Members: Xiao Zhang, Lizao Ye, Weijun Fang
Teacher: Xiangyou Chen
School: Wenzhou High School

Silver Award
Topic:Invertibility Probability of Binary Matrices
Members: Angela Dai, Caroline Kim, John Kim
Teacher: Guofang Wei
School: Dos Pueblos High School, USA

Brozen Award
(1)Topic: Optimized Methods of the equalized sprinkling irrigation for greenery patches
Members: Yudi Fu, Zhoujia Li
Teacher: Yuanji Xu
School: Hangzhou Foreign Languages School

(2)Topic: Some Arithmetic Properties about the Factor of the Solution to Pell Equation
Members: Yubo Zhao
Teacher: Baoguo Hao
School:The Affiliated High School of SCNU

(3)Topic: Modeling and planning of snow sweeping on main roads
Members: Yipeng Qin, Zhenyuan Gao, Cong Su
Teacher: Bin Cai
School:Suzhou High School

Honorable Mentioned
(1)Topic: Criterions on equality of symmetric inequalities
Members: Jingjun Han
Teacher: Jieliang Wang
School: High School Affiliated To Fudan University

(2)Topic: A case study on the model of dividing sample space
Members: Chongbo Yang, Xubin Liang, Zhongqiao Lin
Teacher: Qiumin Jiang, Senlin Chen
School: Guangdong Experimental High School

(3)Topic:From the snail trails to missile tracks: a preliminary exploration of “Converging curve” and “Tracing curve”
Members: Hanci Chi, Yang Liu, Chengjun Lu
Teacher: Xinggang Guo
School: English School Attached To Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

(4)Topic:The question of counting for intersection points for inner diagonal lines and regular N polygon
Members: Lunbo Xu
Teacher: Hangfei He
School: Hainan Senior High School

(5)Topic: Research into the order 3 magic hexagon: its properties, construction and extensions
Members: Fanxing Meng
Teacher: Zhiqiang Zhang
School: Tianjin NO.1 High School


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