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Winners of 2010

Gold Award

Topic:The Study and Application of Velocity Transmission in a Queue
Members: Taoyuanming Zhu, Yunyi Zhang
Teacher:Jun Pan
School: Hangzhou Foreign Languages School

Silver Award
Topic:Understanding Flocking Dynamics in Nature
Members:Ang Li, Sung Lim, Qi Wang
Teacher:Chai Ming Huang
School: NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

Brozen Award
(1)Topic:Actuarial Modeling on a Children’s Protection Insurance
Members: Shu Zhang, Jing Li, Jianbin Li
Teacher:?Lingshan Li
School: Jiangmen No.1 High School, Jiangmen, Guangdong

(2)Topic:The Mathematical Model of the Oil Spilling in the Gulf of Mexico Based on the Extended Fay Formulas
Members: Xiaoyang Li, Yu Cai
Teacher:Zhiming Yang
School:Guangdong Guangya High School




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